The new MSCHF handbag will fly Derek Zoolander into a fit of a rage

The unique and substantially odd art collaborative MSCHF has released a new handbag and it seems to be made for ants who are attending the Ant Hill Fashion Week.

Behold, a bag well and truly designed for ants! MSCHF, the art philanthropy behind the celebrated Big Red thrills that took off during New York Fashion Week before this February, is coming out with a handbag the size of a speck of beach — literally.

Known for their unconventional and hourly outrageous takes on fashion, MSCHF revealed its bitsy Handbag this Wednesday. While the design is an replication of French fashion house Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo tote bag, its confines are 657 x 222 x 700 micrometres, a far cry from its original size. MSCHF’s interpretation of the bag is so small that you could thread it through a needle’s eye.

An unmistakable radioactive green, you could completely switch the bag model out for a bitsy, toxic sesame seed and nothing would ever notice. It’s only when you zoom into it that you can duly discern the bag’s translucent quality and its recognisable Louis Vuitton monogram. Whether or not the fashion house was in on the joke remains to be seen.

Within the month, the bitty bag will be auctioned off at Just Phriends, an transaction hosted by former creative director of Colette, Sarah Andelman, at Pharrell’s transaction house Joopiter.

Eventually, the design is a commentary on the impracticality of bite- sized handbags, which feel to only be growing in fashionability and current in the world of luxury fashion. “ I suppose ‘ bag ’ is a funny object because it derives from commodity strictly functional, ” said Kevin Wiesner, the principal creative officer of MSCHF. “ But it has principally come jewellery. ”

“ It’s the final word in bag miniaturisation, ” said MSCHF in their sanctioned statement. According to Wiesner, MSCHF tried to explore the full extent of this avenue by negating the core purpose of any bag — to carry effects for its deliverer. rather, the model is left with little additional save for its totem.

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