TK Maxx shoppers floored by’ overpriced’ Gucci bag worth£ 990

Shoppers have been left shocked after chancing out the price of a developer bag set up in TK Maxx.

Bargain nimrods and fashion suckers frequently head to high road giant TK Maxx to find abatements on real developer particulars. One woman set up a handbag by developer brand Gucci but said it was “ overpriced ”.

Gucci is a monstrously popular brand known for its shoes, bags and sunglasses, though they can frequently set shoppers back hundreds if not thousands- of pounds. TikToker Isabella(@isabellastovey) took to the social media platform to partake the bag she set up in TK Maxx.

The videotape was identified “ Look at the bag I set up in TK Maxx ” The videotape showed off a range of TK Maxx bags, before fastening on a Gucci laptop bag which features the brand’s iconic colours and totem.

In the commentary, Isabella revealed that the bag was priced at£ 850- and claimed it’s “ overpriced ”. Beneath the videotape, she replied to a comment asking about the price and said “ Like£ 850 overpriced!!!!! ”

Another TikToker labelled the bag “ cute ”, while another wrote “ That’s a laptop bag ok if you want to carry around a laptop but you ca n’t use it for other stuff. ” Isabella replied to another stoner and wrote “ No it was so overpriced! ”

The Gucci bag is priced at£ 850 in TK Maxx, while it’s presently priced at£ 992 at Vestiaire Collaborative. This means shoppers could save around£ 142 by copping
the bag at TK Maxx.

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