LONGCHAMP : The bag made for memory- making

AS SUMMER ’S END draws near, there’s no better time than now to embrace adventure.

Following times of hibernation, we eventually have the occasion to flock to the great outside, spend time with musketeers and enjoy the simpler effects that life is each about. Consequently, this summer has verified the return of truly joyful times which we suppose, is due cause for festivity. And what better way to emphasize the comeback of out-of-door adventure and being with musketeers than with a girl’s trip down, boarding?

But if you ’re going to take a slice out of your hard- earned leave( indeed if it’s to lounge in the last of the summer sun and galavant through the country) you want some luxury included. Enter, glamping Camping’s cool kinsman that allows you to enjoy the benefits of being in nature while still retaining those critter comforts and an element of style.

Spend a night under the stars before returning to soft wastes, wash off the swab from your ocean dip with a hot shower, and take a journey through the backcountry without losing the joy of being well- dressed. Thankfully, luxury French house, Longchamp, has created a bag fit for the ultimate — the Box-trot.

Sharp and structured, invested with a intensively audacious spirit, the Box- gallop blurs the lines of the bold and the bohemian — in both aesthetic and function. Distinctly elegant, the bag could fluently be slung over the shoulder of the well- dressed adventurer, as she rides her bike through megacity thoroughfares, enjoys a walk along the sand or balls under a country night sky.

It makes a natural companion for a glamping adventure, daring and dynamic with proven continuity, and plenitude of room for all a day trip’s musts.

Drafted from smooth calfskin, the bag’s newest duplications are imagined in pop- to- light tones, with salty orange, delicacy pink and bomb options available alongside the bohemian natural tones. All are adorned with the gold- tone order fixed to the delirium, featuring Longchamp’s iconic steed and rider — an apt conceit for the bag’s part in your forthcoming adventures.

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