The Spring 2023 Bag Trends Celebrate the Power of pocketbooks

Handbags are so much further than just a thing to sling around your shoulder. They can be the outfit- making touch that takes your look from thrown- together and untidy to polished and thoughtful. To wit, suppose of the ever- hotted converse about” It” bags, with fashion interposers mooting for decades over classic versus contemporary outlines — Gucci’s dateless Diana( opens in new tab) or Bottega Veneta’s trendy Cassette( opens in new tab)? With a great handbag comes great responsibility, and the spring 2023 bag trends are a testament to the accessory’s statement- making nature.

From office- approved briefcases to dramatic, nearly laughably large totes, the front- running handbags for the coming season showcase the power of the handbags we carry. With sapience from Rebag’s Chief Marketing Officer, Elizabeth Layne( opens in new tab), Marie Claire details the five soon- to-be-everywhere trendy bags of spring 2023, including a many novelty styles you’ve likely noway seen ahead( spoiler alert chocolate chip eyefuls are involved).

Gargantuan Is the Greatest

Micro was cute; bigger was more but in spring 2023, gargantuan- sized bags are the topmost. On the runways, Altuzarra and Ferragamo unveiled inflated totes in oil and suede, while Bottega Veneta gauged up top- handle bags into blown teardrops. Layne theorizes the blown- up proportions gesture a collaborative pining for adventure” With global restrictions abating and pent- up demand for trip egging numerous to eventually book that trip, consumers are planning recesses and bringing large functional and swish accessories,” the expert explains.

Seeing Silver

Like a sharp- eyed conversationalist, contrivers were attracted to all effects candescent in their Spring/ Summer 2023 collections. From heavily chased totes to reflective scrunchy shoulder bags, runway showings from Altuzarra, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Valentino featured an multifariousness of bags done in stunning tableware.

Who’s Hungry?

” After nearly three times of Covid, people are agitated to express themselves intimately in new and instigative ways,” describes Layne.” And with handbags, we have seen everything from crochet to sequins, teeny- bitsy to large, so contrivers want to try commodity fresh.” In spring 2023, that commodity fresh is megrim- filled handbags inspired by foods, like dollies and Puppet’s cookie bag and Collina Strada’s broccoli bag. Layne says these snack- inspired novelty particulars lap with fashion’s recent partiality for surrealism as” a way to have fun, express yourself, and feel a little bit of joy. Plus, they are a great distraction considering the state of the world,” she adds.

Office Bound

” It’s no surprise that with the return of going into the office, there is an increase in demand for practical pieces and contriversre-introducing similar styles on the runway,” explains Layne, motioning out the structured work bags( opens in new tab) shown at Prada, Tory Burch, and Miu Miu. She notes that the functional- meets- fashion figure is one that’ll be sticking around throughout the time, too” We anticipate to see indeed more office-ready styles on the Fall/ Downtime 2023 runways,” she forecasts.

Clutch It Close

Considering you will soon be packing your down parka and pillowy puffer fleece( opens in new tab) back into storehouse, you will need a new sartorial cuddle chum for spring. May we recommend a luxuriant, huggable clutch? You can follow Gabriela Hearst and Fendi’s lead of soft, pall- suchlike leather in squishy forms or the Dries Van Noten route, which is further of a gamble pillow- inspired take of ruffles and frills.

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