New COACH Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Lunchbox Bag Celebrates 50th Anniversary at Disney Springs

Disney and Coach have released a new Walt Disney World Lunchbox Bag that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of The utmost Magical Place on Earth. Mickey Mouse and musketeers are seen enjoying a delightful day out at Walt Disney World on the front of this new bag, available now at the Coach store in Disney Springs.

Coach Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Lunchbox Bag –$ 595

The new bag is evocative of an old- academy lunchbox, the perfect symbol for the 50th Anniversary of the utmost Magical Place on Earth. Its shape is no accident, featuring the same artwork that was used on a essence lunchbox offered by Disney in the 1970s. Mickey, Donald, and Pluto are seen taking a lift along the Walt Disney World road on the front of this glove- scourged leather bag. The three conduct a musical performance while the Disney Monorail circles around Cinderella Castle in the background.

A near look shows the detail of a quaint Walt Disney World totem embossed in blue at the top of the bag’s squared front.

The new square bag by Coach and Disney features a turn- cinch check fixed to a leather swatch on top. A rounded top- carry handle is fixed toward the reverse of the bag.

The rearmost 50th Anniversary bag also offers a divisible swatch for shoulder or crossbody wear and tear. This removable woven swatch features a white stripe down the center of cortege .

The bag’s leather- lined innards is tan and features expandable sides allowing for a little bit of movability to its sturdy square figure.

A unheroic leather luggage label fixed to the handle declares the bag as part of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary festivity on one side and as an sanctioned member of the Disney x COACH Collection on the contrary side.

The first look at this Coach Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Lunchbox Bag was teased by Disney nearly a time ago, but this week marks the first time we ’ve seen this bag across the Walt Disney World Resort. Preorders opened on shopDisney in May of last time, but the bag has since vended out on the US point. Nearly a time ago, the Coach Store in Disney Springs debuted a series of other Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary bags as part of the collection.

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