Braun Büffel X PHUNK There’s everything to know about the collaboration

Fashion collaborations that combine a brand’s aesthetic and an artist’s touch are always full of surprises. New designs away, similar hookups make intriguing connections between art, commerce and pop culture.

Closer to home, there’s another brace teaming up to produce an exclusive art and fashion crush- up Braun Büffel and Singaporean artist Alvin Tan. The unique alliance sees an injection of cultural expression to the well- drafted pieces that the German purveyor of ultraexpensive leather goods is known for.

It’s surely a emblematic trouble on Braun Büffel’s part to champion original artists like Tan who are prominent in a different range of art forms and further known by assiduity interposers. Singapore’s cultural geography is brimming with gift, though the creative workshop of several artists especially the less social media expertise — frequently slip under the radar because they’ve not set up the right platforms or amassed a cult following yet.

Which is why the German luxury brand’s ongoing artist collaboration series is a meaningful action. It offers original and transnational creatives a big occasion to produce unique, high- quality particulars for everyday use with their hand touches. Beside encouraging artists to explore disciplines like product design, Braun Büffel is shining a light on their individualistic personalities for a global followership.

It’s no surprise, also, that Braun Büffel has picked Tan as their creative collaborator. The luxury house boasts an outstanding heritage that dates back over a century agone, which runs resemblant to Tan’s position of moxie in Singapore’s design assiduity.

Havingco-founded original art collaborative PHUNK as an undergraduate in 1994, Tan has an expansive multidisciplinary practice and a force of systems with transnational brands. His workshop with PHUNK and as a solo artist have also won critical sun for theirpost-modernist design sensibilities andneo-pop art themes.

More lately in 2022, Tan revealed his corner design with the Singapore Tourism Board a monumental public art form named ‘ Then Is SG ’ located at the heart of Marina Bay Sands boardwalk. Not to mention, the collaboration is a full- circle moment for Tan — the artist fondly recalls using a Braun Büffel portmanteau when he was in his early teens.

Tan’s collaboration with the German luxury house sees the artist exploring the conception of love and its magpie nature. The ‘ Love- Is- Love ’ gospel and crusade were inspired by the social, political and environmental interests of our up- and coming generation.

To visually reflect the liberties that ‘ Love- Is- Love ’ encapsulates, Tan created a colophon of his graffiti- style hand- script. The artist’s freeform handwriting is splashed across Braun Büffel’s accessories and prêt- à- porter pieces, ranging from drawstring packs to large T- shirts in black and unheroic duplications. Practical everyday particulars like laptop cases, holdalls and AirTag holders each get a touch of Tan’s design.

Still, the collection’s small leather goods similar as cardholders and holdalls are fail-safe options, If you ’re looking to find a gift for a fashion and art nut. Our stylish pick? The Braun Büffel x PHUNK mini crossbody bag. With a structured figure and plenitude of card places, it’s a compact carry- all that neatly sorts all your rudiments. Divisible strips make the season- defying appurtenant protean too. For a casual outfit, try wearing it slung across the body or indeed as a clutch.

The collaboration between Braun Büffel and Tan does n’t just stop there moreover. Lately, the brand took to the thoroughfares of Singapore and placed an existential Love- Is- Love art installation outside of ION Orchard.

Erected with an perpetuity glass made of LED defenses, the Instagram- good spot showcased Tan’s hand- scripted artwork. The communication of Braun Büffel’s capsule collection was restated through interactive conditioning as well. Callers were encouraged to write dispatches of love and take animated selfies with custom backgrounds in the space.

Seeing how Braun Büffel and Tan have created commodity truly special by joining forces, it’s safe to say that there’s an instigative future for fashion’s relaxation with the art world.

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