Silk Hijab Care Tips to Stay Beautiful and Not Easily Damaged

The development of Muslim fashion, slot gacor making hijab users more and more. The types of hijab are also increasingly diverse ranging from models, motifs and materials. One that is in great demand is the hijab made of silk or silk. Its smooth, soft characteristics with a shiny surface make hijab from this material not only comfortable to wear, but also has a luxurious feel. For this reason, it is not surprising that the price is also quite expensive compared to other materials. However, jp99 the soft silk fiber is very susceptible to damage and tearing.

To keep it durable and beautiful, see how to care for it below, Beauties.

Washing Method

Hijab made of silk is recommended berkah303 to be washed by hand. This is because the use of a washing machine can damage the fibers in this fabric. Not only, it is also not recommended to use soap or detergent during the washing process. This is because the detergent content can settle on the silk fibers and cause the hijab color to look duller. To keep silk fabrics shiny and soft, you can choose to use a shampoo that contains keratin.

How to Dry

Silk fabric has a light texture so it doesn’t need sunlight to dry. On the other hand, drying hijab silk for too long can damage the quality of the fabric. To keep the texture of the fabric strong and not dull, dry the hijab indoors. It is also not recommended to squeeze the hijab after the washing process is complete.

How to Iron

When ironing a silk hijab, it is copacobana99 recommended to use a special silk setting. Setting a temperature that is too hot can damage the hood material and cause the fabric to shrivel or tear. Don’t forget to turn the cloth over before ironing or it can be covered with paper first.

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