Laudya Cynthia Bella Hijab Style, Elegant Outfit for Eid

Are you ready to look stylish in the upcoming Eid moment? This inspiration for Laudya Cynthia Bella’s hijab style might be a choice for Eid style later!

No longer playing soap operas, Laudya Cynthia Bella chooses to swerve to build a Muslim fashion business. Check out the inspiration for Laudya Cynthia Bella’s hijab style, which is always fashionable and suitable for cheating for this Eid style!

  1. Classic Eid style with white dress, can be matched with hijab and pink flat shoes as a contrasting accent
  2. The elegant look of wearing this batik robe and hijab matching pastel shades can make you look elegant
  3. Mix and match the hijab, top, and purple tulle culottes so that it becomes more lively when you add outer brocade. The result is so elegant!
  4. The motif dress with tiered ruffle detail is matched with a matching hijab. Choose the hottest lilac color!
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