Not Just White, Looks Different During Eid with All-Black Clothing ala Zaskia Sungkar

I can’t believe it, Beauties, we have passed more than half of the month of Ramadan. Unknowingly, Eid is only a few days away.

How do you prepare your outfit for Eid, safe? By the way, so far, the outfit for Eid has always been identical to white, right? Beauties can look different with all-black clothes like the following Zaskia Sungkar. What is it like, curious? Check this out!

Cool with a black kaftan
Kaftan is indeed the most chosen Eid outfit choice, agree Beauties?

Through her personal upload, Zaskia Sungkar was seen wearing a black kaftan. While doing a mirror selfie, she is also seen wearing a black bag and hijab.

Look Casual with All Black Suits

For Beauties who want to look casual during Eid, you don’t need to worry. You can still be cool with the following Zaskia Sungkar-style black t-shirt suit.

As seen from his personal upload, Zaskia looks cute in an all-black suit equipped with a hijab and white boots.

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