OOTD 2022 Eid clothes that make you look more elegant

Outfit of the day or OOTD Eid clothes 2022 has started to become the target of many women who wear hijab, who want to look elegant on Hari Raya. Yes, when Eid Al-Fitr is indeed synonymous with new clothes, this also indicates that we have been ‘purified’ in the month of Ramadan.

For this reason, clothing is one thing that cannot be taken lightly by many people. However, finding the right hijab style can be a difficult task for many women. Moreover, I want to know what trends are or will be used by many people.

Well, this time Sahijab presents some outfit inspiration for Hari Raya which we will be approaching in a while. You can try some of the outfits below, which Sahijab summarized from the Hijab Style page which might be an example of buying new clothes.

OOTD Eid 2022

  1. This first 2022 Eid OOTD looks very elegant and also simple to use.
  2. This all-brown outfit is perfect for Hari Raya to make it look more elegant.
  3. Lebaran doesn’t seem right without white which looks more elegant and charming.
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