This Beautiful Dolce & Gabbana Tiara Sold for Rp. 4.3 Billion Can Only Be Used In The Virtual World, Here Are The Details!

Beauties, fans of non-fungible tokens or NFT are still quite high until now. Not just works of art, fashion also expands into the virtual world to create digital clothing creations. Likewise with luxury brands that have launched many digital items since 2021. Of course the price listed on each NFT is worth a lot. Even so, digital items sold are still selling well––proving that the metaverse market is very promising for the fashion industry.

One thing that has become an attraction and cannot be separated from being a conversation is Dolce & Gabbana which released a collaboration NFT collection with UNXD, namely Collezione Genesis, which was completely sold in September 2021. Launching Wolipop, they managed to collect 1,885,719 Ethereum (crypto currency) or equivalent to Rp. 81.2 billion from the 9 items offered at the auction.

The more profitable it is, as of October 2021, the value of cryptocurrencies has increased by 10%, making the collection created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana an increase of Rp. 85 billion.

Of the nine Collezione Genesis items, the two most expensive items were auctioned, including the “Green Glass Suit” suit which sold for 1.1 million USD, and the “Dress from A Dream” dress which reached 767,261 USD. Both are available in digital form and physical form that will be made by hand so that they can be worn in real life.

However, in the high jewelry accessory category, this Italian fashion house presents 3 spectacular tiaras, one of which is limited in digital form. The tiara is “The Impossible Tiara” which has sold 99.9 Ether or currently around 300 thousand USD (Rp 4.3 billion).

Another digital-only item is The Impossible Jacket which was successfully auctioned for 97.4 Ether or around 294 thousand USD. Fantastic value for an object that can only be worn in cyberspace, isn’t it?

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