AM by Anggiasari Label Presents Outvader Collection at Paris Fashion Week Fashion Division

Anggiasari through the AM brand presented a sustainable collection titled Outvader at the Paris Fashion Week Fashion Division.

The Anggiasari collection was displayed at the Paris Fashion Week Fashion Division on March 5, 2022.

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Uniquely, the AM by Anggiasari brand uses the recycle concept as its brand DNA.

Utilizing leftover denim from local Indonesian garments or denim products that are over stock, reject or product defects, then combined with materials that are safe for the environment.

Outvader Am Collection by Anggiasari

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This show’s collection is called Outvader, which means people who have courage in isolation, so they are full of vigilance.

And also people who have an advantage at a certain time.

Outvader is inspired by the atmosphere of a deserted outer space, however, an event can occur that is not always good.

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So it takes vigilance, to survive, as well as human anxiety on technological sophistication.

This Outvader collection is made with a sporty casual, androgynous look, which is very suitable for ages 20-45 years.

Stylovers can find fashion collections with trapezoidal, H and oversized silhouettes in the Outvader collection from the AM by Anggiasari brand.

AM by Anggiasari Label Presents Outvader Collection at Paris Fashion Week Fashion Division
It didn’t stop there, the designer used several comfortable materials such as denim, cotton and water-repellent polyester.

Rows of light brown, terracotta, and cream color palettes seem to dominate the Outvader collection displayed at the Paris Fashion Week Fashion Division.

Details in the form of symmetrical-asymmetrical shapes, structures, patchwork, denim washing techniques, tie dye motifs and quilting make this collection look unique and different.

The collection consists of basic suits in the form of outer, blouse and pallazo which refers to the zerowaste concept that prioritizes the remaining materials as little as possible.

Anggiasari’s departure to Paris aside from participating in the Paris Fashion Week Fashion Show, the Fashion Division also wants to send its first shipment in the form of a Collaboration Product with the Parisian Brand, which has been working on since January 2021.

Starting from making the collection concept, DNA Brand, Mood Board, Sketch, Technical Drawing, selection of Swatches that have been sent in advance and have been approved in December 2021.

Interestingly, Anggiasari’s collection received a good response from Parisian Fashion People and got applause at the end of the runway.

Anggiasari Septar Paris Fashion Week’s Response to the Viral

Anggia responded to things that were busy on social media related to Paris Fashion Week.

“Our participation here is not instant, we go through a long process through the selection curation stage from 2019 to 2020, in the form of company profiles, our social media, length of business, fashion week that we have participated in, sketches, moodboards, collection concepts, types of stitches, buttons, zippers. So we went through a long selection process. Then in 2020 the pandemic entered and in 2021 it was held in a Virtual Show because the Show Must Go On. Then yes, this is 2022 The Real Show,” said Anngia in a press release received by Stylo Indonesia.

To note, together with Paris Fashion Week, there is an ON Schedule in the Official Calendar Federation de la Haute Mouture de la Mode (FHCM) and an Independent Show called the OFF Schedule.

Fashion People Parisian calls it both ON Schedule and OFF Schedule with Paris Fashion Week.

“We follow the OFF Schedule, meaning that we don’t have a name here to be known by the Fashion People Parisian, so we follow the OFF Schedule, but the list is registered with the Federation de la haute couture de la mode (FHCM),” added Anggia.

Furthermore, he also added, to be able to have a name and be recognized by Parisian Fashion People, one must at least participate in the OFF Schedule fashion show at least 3 times, have a boutique or gallery in Paris or collaborate with a Parisian Brand.

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