Syakir Daulay’s Casual Style Idea, Perfect for OOTD During Bukber

The name Syakir Daulay is certainly not foreign to the ears. Regarding appearance, Syakir Daulay is known to have a casual but stylish fashion style. In fact, the fashion style of the boy who was born on January 10, 2002 is easy to cheat and can be an OOTD idea when he opens.

For those of you who are looking for ideas for matching men’s outfits to break up together (bukber), take a look at the nine stylish styles of Syakir Daulay below. Curious about the style? Just scroll through the discussion below until it’s finished.

  1. A white shirt combined with gray pants is suitable for a simple and comfortable outfit when having lunch with your friends. Just wear your favorite sneakers as footwear
  2. To be more stylish, you can combine a white shirt with a black sweater as an outer. As for the bottoms, just wear denim pants and black shoes
  3. Sweater with stripes also makes you look stylish when you’re on holiday. You can combine it with blue tartan pants and sneakers
  4. You can look bright when you break down with a combination of a striped shirt, pants, and white sneakers. Simple but cool!
  5. There is nothing wrong with bukber wearing a koko shirt. Try combining a cream-colored koko shirt with matching colored chino pants plus sneakers
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