Complete Your Appearance with Black Pink’s Lisa’s Caps and Matches

The popularity of BLACKPINK as the biggest girl group in the world today is no longer in doubt. This can be seen from the influence of the four members in various fields, one of which is the fashion sector. Despite being the youngest member, Lisa managed to appear charismatic on various occasions. As a fashion icon, Lisa certainly has several fashion items that she often uses on various occasions, hats are one of them. Here are five of Lisa’s mix-and-match styles when it comes to hats.

[As a CELINE Brand Ambassador, Lisa has successfully demonstrated her ability to impress the public with her fashion style. Lisa appeared full of charisma with one of CELINE’s hat collections, the beige knitted bucket hat. He also wore a blue and white striped shirt combined with a plain gray knitted vest. To facilitate her movement, Lisa chose to use black striped shorts. Lisa also didn’t forget to use black leather loafers and white socks and sling bags to enhance her appearance.

[Once again, Lisa looks charisma in her CELINE outfit. This time, Lisa used several CELINE products, namely a hat with an army motif, a sports bra and white socks, as well as black shorts and a sling bag with a brown CELINE motif. She also completed her appearance with outer and black shoes. This charismatic look she used for the Vogue Japan photoshoot.

[While enjoying her time in Paris, the black bucket hat still accompanies Lisa’s performance. He looked stunning with a black bucket hat combined with a brown plaid shirt and a broken white knitted vest. In this appearance, Lisa prefers to use denim short skirts and white socks and sneakers. Don’t forget to style her hair in two braids. Perfect for Paris’ sunny weather!

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