Rows of President Jokowi’s Jackets That Steal the Attention! All Local Products

Remember the MotoGP moment at the Mandalika Circuit a few days ago? Indonesia should be proud for being the host of an international class motorcycle racing event on a circuit with beautiful views in Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara. The arrival of racers from all over the world was welcomed by President Joko Widodo at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta. The public was immediately excited when the racers carried out a parade riding their racing motorbikes starting from the Merdeka Palace to the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout.

What attracted attention apart from the arrival of world-class racers was the red jacket worn by President Jokowi. It is known that the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia likes to wear various models of jackets on every work visit. Did you know that all the cool jackets he wears are made by local products? As the number 1 icon in Indonesia, President Jokowi wants to introduce domestic brands to the world’s eyes through the fashion products he wears. Let’s see 4 cool jacket models worn by President Jokowi!

President Joko Widodo wearing a red racer jacket with the inscription G20 when welcoming MotoGP racers at the Merdeka Palace

Recently, President Jokowi has often appeared wearing a red jacket that reads G20 on the front. There are 2 models of the red G20 jacket he is wearing. The first is a bomber jacket model, the second is a Racer Jacket like the one he wore when welcoming MotoGP racers at the Merdeka Palace. It is known that this jacket is made by a domestic brand, Rabbit and Wheels.

This brand from Bandung was immediately flooded with orders after the viral jacket was worn by President Jokowi. In addition to the red one, his Racer Jacket G20 also comes in a combination of black and green. The G20 writing on his jacket conveys the message that this year Indonesia will host the G20 Summit in October – November 2022 in Bali.

Rabbit and Wheels designed a jacket for President Jokowi while testing the Mandalika circuit

Rabit and Wheels has also designed a jacket for President Jokowi, which was worn when he first tried out the Mandalika Circuit in November 2021. On that occasion, he exhibited the entire outfit, all of which were domestically produced.

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