Ghea Indrawari vs. Gaya Fighting Marsha Aruan, Modern Children’s Style!

After becoming a successful singer, Ghea Indrawari spread her wings to the world of acting. Most recently, he will star in a romantic comedy genre film titled ‘Nagih Promise Love’, which is planned to be aired this year. No kidding, Ghea will compete acting with young actress Marsha Aruan.

With a 1 year age difference, Ghea and Marsha often upload portraits of their togetherness with other players. In addition to their charming looks, both OOTDs are also stylish and deserve to be role models. Curious? Immediately scroll, come on!

1 Going to the beach will feel comfortable with short clothes. This bright floral jumpsuit or white and black suit can be a choice!

2 Dresses with tulle motifs are indeed suitable for invitations. The material makes you look glamorous but not too much!

3 You can still look stylish when shopping at the supermarket, by adding outer to your OOTD. Either plain or patterned, just as cool!

4 It doesn’t have to be worn with formal clothes, Blazers are also suitable to be combined with casual outfits such as shorts

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