Celebrate a Decade in Las Vegas, Wearstatuquo Makes Dreams Come True in New Collection

Successfully holding an exhibition in Las Vegas, Wearstatuquo released a new collection. This collection was released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Wearstatuquo’s presence as a local brand.

The collection titled Lucid Dream: An Anniversary Collection comes in 15 vibrant, dreamy looks and an edgy style wrapped in a minimalist and fashionable fabric texture. You can already find this latest collection on the marketplace and the Wearstatuquo website on March 18, 2022.

Diary Fimela: Three Friends Build a Wearstatuquo Fashion Brand with M… The Latest Wearstatuquo Collection for a Dreamy Casual Look [For this collection, Wearstatuquo designed a unique and fashionable fashion with creativity. Moreover, the journey of 10 years has made Wearstatuquo pay attention to current trends to strengthen the quality of its clothing.

The Lucid Dream: An Anniversary Collection showcases a new style and look from Wearstatuquo that is very different from the usual collections of simplicity and monochromes. This collection will present bright colors and bold patterns but still maintain its flagship models and cuts such as cropped tees and bralettes.

“With a bohemian fashion style and lines with special patterns, it will add an interesting experience for its users. This birthday collection is specially designed with vibrant & eye-catching details, so that it makes you look more elegant, unique, and still fashionable. This design is suitable for lovers of trendy products and young people,” said Janet Prasetio, Brand Founder of Wearstatuquo.

In this collection, Wearstatuquo showcases the retro funk concept as outlined in the patterns used. By playing two main patterns, the first pattern is cool and sophisticated, then the second pattern describes a woman who is fun and attractive. This collection also uses two main materials, namely linen and satin which will represent a bold, fun and smart energy.

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