Cool OOTD with Blazer, Look Stylish at Any Occasion

Blazers are usually used as an outer and are considered a type of fashion item for formal occasions. Like going to the office or filling a seminar. However, there is no rule that requires a blazer to only be used for certain events, really. You are free to mix and match according to your taste.

As long as you’re confident, your blazer style will definitely look eye catchy, really. So, if you’re still in doubt, there’s no harm in taking a peek at the OOTD using a blazer, a la the following series of public figures. Who knows, it could be an inspiration for you. Come on, see!

1 When performing, Marion Jola wears a strapless dress and hot pants which is paired with a green blazer. Animal print boots are chosen for the footwear.

2 Casual but formal, Fuji combines a black tank top, jeans and a khaki blazer. Plus heels sandals and sunglasses

3 Titan Tyra match a blazer with a shirt as an inner and flare pants. Don’t forget the sneakers, handbag and also a bucket hat for the final touch

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