In collaboration with Jay Park, IU Appears in a Purple Mini Dress at an Affordable Price

Jay Park and IU recently collaborated through the song “GANADARA”. This sweet and romantic song is written from the point of view of someone who is in love with someone they cannot fully communicate with due to the language barrier.

The music video has also been released showing what happens on the set of the music video and showing Jay Park talking to his team about trying to contact IU to shoot the video.

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When she finally showed up on set, he cutely ran out of the dressing room to meet her. Netizens were surprised by Jay Park and IU’s chemistry on set.

In the video clip, IU looks feminine in a purple mini dress. It is known that the dress is from the Capricieux brand for 80000 won or around Rp. 900 thousand.

This off shoulder long sleeve dress is combined with black boots. And some love-shaped earring accessories

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