Stylish Ideas from Street Style Trends Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022

The excitement of a fashion week does not only occur on the catwalk but also outside it. Street style is still the main attraction of the fashion week event. Moreover, many of them presented new mix and match ideas without getting hung up on styling tricks on the runway.

What are the favorite trends for street style stars at Milan Fashion Week fall/winter 2022? Keep scrolling!

Mini Skirt

The popularity of short skirts this season is evidenced on the streets of Milan Fashion Week. The invited guests were seen mixing and matching this outfit. Not only dominated by mini skirts with tail accents from Prada, some also wear more classic and sexy models.

Warm Color

Neutral and subtle color coordination is also a favorite of street style stars at Milan Fashion Week. Apart from clothing, this trick is also applied to accessories. The color match between brown, gray, and white never fails to give an effortless and chic impression.

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