Mix and Match Jeans Ala Marion Jola, Suitable for Curvy’s body

Including timeless, jeans have been used from ancient times until now. No wonder many people often rely on jeans as a daily outfit. One of them is Indonesian musician named Marion Jola.

Through uploading in his personal Instagram, the woman who is a carib is called Lala, looks quite often wearing jeans. Suitable for the owner of the Curvy Agency, you want to know the results of Mix and Match Jeans ala Marion Jola who is funky? Here’s the article.

1 Jeans combined with thigh high boots make Lala different. For superiors, select Black Tank Top and Flower Motif Shirt as Outer

2 Jogger Jeans and Top Top Most Fit for Outfit Travel. Just add ankle boots and sling bags, your style is okay!

3 Lazy Ribet? Imitate style lala use crop t-shirts and hot pants jeans. Complete with sneakers and baseball hats

4 Effortless, this time Lala Padukan Skinny Jeans, Halter Neck Tank Top Model, and Sneakers. Sorry, let’s!

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