Adu Gaya Karina aespa vs. Wonyoung IVE, Visual Queen of KPop!

Karina aespa and Wonyoung IVE both stole the attention from the beginning of their debut. Both are viral because they both have visuals like living dolls.

In fact, Karina and Wonyong are predicted to be the fourth generation of K-Pop visual queens. Then when it comes to style, whose fashion is the most fashionable? Come on, take a peek through the Karian aespa vs. Wonyoung IVE!

1 Compactly Karina and Wonyoung are wearing monochrome suits with mini skirts plus high boots

2 Karina chose a simple casual style wearing a polo shirt dress and sneakers. Wonyoung girly mix blouse, tennis skirt, and ballerina shoes

3 Dressed in black for formal events, Karina chose a thin strap model, Wonyoung wore a long-tail mini dress with a sabrina collar

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