Peek at Livy Renata’s Style, Gamer Celebrity that’s Viral on Social Media

Lately, social media has been busy talking about the viral figure of Livy Renata and has been invited to various podcasts. Previously, Livy Renata was known as the brand ambassador for the e-sports team Alter Ego, the LUX by GAMECO game store, Gaming, and Grandpa Auction.

The name that became the talk, Livy Renata’s appearance on social media also attracted the attention of netizens. Peeking at her personal Instagram account, Livy Renata often shares OOTDs who don’t hesitate to show her curves.

1 Livy Renata uses Instagram as a platform to show her personal style. The woman who was born in 2002 does not hesitate to look sexy in mini clothes.

2 No less eye-catching is Livy Renata’s appearance in a black dress.

3 Holidays in Bali, Livy Renata relies on a cropped top combined with a dreamy skirt.

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