Pomelo Fashion Week, a Full Week Fashion Event Presenting Exclusively Curated Global Brands

Pomelo has just announced the launch of Pomelo Fashion Week, which will take place from February 21 to 27, 2022. You can take part in this week-long fashion show on the Pomelo app or their website at pomelofashion.com.

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At Pomelo Fashion Week, you will see various brands on the Pomelo platform, specially curated favorite fashion items, and special launches from some of your favorite brands, such as Havaianas, The Auctus, and Amygo. Pomelo Fashion Week is presented with a different theme every day, starting from highlighting must-have brands, to going backstage with beauty items and exclusive lingerie.

Not only that, Pomelo is also proud to present their latest exclusive collection with Jean-Michel Basquiat, as part of Pomelo Fashion Week. Released today, Wednesday (23/2/2022), the first collaboration collection between Pomelo and Jean-Michel Basquiat has a minimalist and sophisticated style, presenting a blend of edgy and raw basic patterns with original iconography.

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