Super Weird Shaped Shoes. Confused, How to Use it?

What do people usually look for in a shoe? Convenience? Elegant and beautiful form? So, if those two are at the top of your list, then the following shoes will definitely not qualify.

Yup, the shoes that Hipwee has compiled this time have a strange and unique shape. Shoes with this strange shape will make anyone think about it. How to use it? What will the road be like? In fact, where to use it, you will also be questioned because it’s so magical.

But yes, the name is also creativity, right, maybe if these shoes are made only for fashion photos or art exhibitions. Here’s a row of weird shoes that Hipwee has collected from various sources.

1 This high chair-shaped shoe looks very uncomfortable. But if it’s just for taking photos and being funny, that’s okay~

These 2 shoes, which were collaborated by an artist named Leanie van der Vyver with a shoe designer named René van den Berg, have successfully invited public comments when exhibited

The shoes that look very uncomfortable are said to be shoes made to break the standard of physical beauty. Duh, just look at it already hurts huh.

3 Imagine you have to go in a hurry in these shoes. Hmm, if you don’t fall forward, there’s a good chance you’ll trip over that long faux hair

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