Creative and Stylish, Here are Hijab Styles for Cold Weather that You Can Try!

Having a diverse and stylish hijab style can make your looks look eye catching, you know. Therefore, it is important for you hijabis to always try new hijab styles every day. However, one of the biggest challenges to changing hijab styles is when the weather is cold. Because we have to be smart to combine hijab models with warm clothes such as hoodies and turtlenecks to find the aesthetic that suits you. Here’s an easy hijab style idea for cold weather that you can copy.

Putting Hijab Into Hoodie

When the weather gets cold, the mainstay outfit that almost everyone will wear is a hoodie. Don’t be confused, you can put the hijab into the hoodie. With this hijab style you can also add some accessories such as necklaces. And if you want to have a more athleisure look, it is recommended to wear a hijab jersey. This will be your best outfit during cold weather because the whole neck and body are covered so that the body becomes warmer.

Wear Suede Hijab

For you hijabers, it is recommended to have at least one of these suede hijabs. The material in the form of leather but soft to the touch makes this suede hijab very elegant and formal to wear. Suede also has many types and color variants that you can wear every day.

There are also many styles that you can try with this suede hijab. But if you want an easy style, use this wrap around style. You just need to take one side and put it around the entire neck.

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