The Matrix Movie That Inspired Cathy Sharon In Her New Appearance

Who can’t escape seeing an actress named Cathy Sharon? Something very unlikely.

Since November 2021, Cathy Sharon has returned to the national television screen for the second season of Indonesia’s Next Top Model, and she is a judge and mentor with Luna Maya, Ayu Gani and Panca Makmun.

A role model in terms of beauty, often becomes a magazine cover model and not a day goes by without her looking elegant and feminine. Recently, she showed off her outfit to attend the show via her Instagram account and of course she had to look stunning.

A look that manages to make you revisit her profile, Cathy wore a black blazer with a satin collar with double button detailing and a neon green turtle neck. The uniqueness of the bandage, designed in a backless style. So the neon green of the interior stands out brightly on the back. Cathy chose to wear the appearance of one of the most successful designers in Indonesia, Jeffry Tan. By perfecting the appearance, Cathy’s hair stylist set the appearance that caught the attention of the virtual world. She smoothed the front surface of the baby hair by forming waves on both sides of her face and the hair was tied in a ponytail with a similar neon green string.

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