Reference Tea Pai Ceremony, Modern Cheongsam to Hanbok

The tea pai ceremony or tea ceremony is one of the traditions in Chinese weddings. The bride and groom will serve tea to family members as a sign of respect and gratitude.

As with other processions, you also need to prepare an outfit that makes this event even more special. Most people will choose cheongsam or qipao, but there are also those who wear hanbok, you know. Check out the tea pie clothes reference in this article!

1 With a high bun hairdo, Sandra Dewi looks stunning in a high collared dress. There is a see through accent on the side

2 Aida, Delon Thamrin’s wife, instantly captivated wearing a mermaid gown with a sprinkling of gold sequins with a picture of a peacock, meaning good luck

3 Respecting Roger’s family, Cut Meyriska held a tea pai ceremony in a red satin dress. Gold embroidery and mini crown reinforce the traditional Chinese feel

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