Level-Up Your Look with This Women’s Blazer Model

One of the fashion items that every woman must have is a blazer. Blazer is a suit made especially for women that is inspired by men’s suits. Women’s blazer models have many types with various cut models. Starting from oversized blazers to leather blazers. Check out the following blazer model.

Slim Fit Blazer

Try choosing and wearing a slim fit blazer or one that fits your body. Don’t worry about your body’s curves being seen, because the outside like this blazer can cover every curve of your body. In addition, try the type with a cut that fits on the body and a crop or a low cut blazer.

Blazers with cuts above the stomach or crop can be combined and matched with high waist pants. A blazer model like this can support a semi-casual appearance to go to the office besides being comfortable, your appearance will be more fashionable than usual.

Ruffle Blazer

This blazer has an asymmetrical cut that is decorated with a ruffle as a statement look. The ruffle is usually found on the chest or sleeves. Aside from being a sweetener, this ruffle gives an edgy and fashionable impression. The ruffle on the chest will give the illusion of a big chest. This can get around you who have small chests. Wear this blazer with ankle boots and you’re ready to go with a point look.

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