Camilla’s look in the jewelry that Princess Diana wore

Fans of the British royal family will know that Princess Diana and Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, did not have a good relationship. This happened because Camilla was Prince Charles’ affair when he was still married to Princess Diana.

The love triangle between Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Camilla became the most discussed love story of its time. The reason is, five years after marrying Diana, Charles had a special relationship with Camilla. At that time, Princess Diana admitted that she was very depressed because too many people were involved in her marriage.

Because she hated Charles and Camilla’s affair, Princess Diana didn’t even want to wear anything from the Chanel brand because their logo featured the initials CC. For Princess Diana, CC reminded of the abbreviation of Charles and Camilla. Therefore, it is not surprising that fans were surprised when they saw Camilla had appeared wearing one of the Princess of Wales’ jewelry.

Recently, an old photo of the Duchess of Cornwall appeared wearing an oval brooch with emerald detail hanging at the end. After being traced, it turns out that the brooch was once a necklace belonging to Princess Diana which has now been modified into a brooch. The creative director of a British jewelery house, Maxwell Stone, said the brooch was made of diamonds and an emerald Cabochon pendant.

In the past, Princess Diana wore the jewelry in the form of a necklace. The brooch Camilla was wearing was a pendant from the necklace. The mother of Prince William wore it along with a glamorous sequined dress. Based on photos circulating on the internet, Camilla wore the brooch to complete the coat-dress she was wearing. Not only once, Camilla was caught on camera wearing Princess Diana’s jewelery while attending the Cheltenham Festival in England in 2012 and Trooping the Color in 2015.

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