Song Min Ji vs. Style Fight Shin Ji Yeon, Inspiration for a Fashionable Korean Look!

Shin Ji Yeon and Seong Min Ji, the two cast of the Single’s Inferno variety show, actually have the same style, you know! The elegant and girly impression of Korean women is indeed attached to the fashion style of the two.

Take a peek at the style of Shin Ji Yeon and Seong Min Ji below. Who knows, it could be an additional reference for super fashionable Korean-style OOTD ideas!

1 The all-black style can be made into a girly casual model using an off shoulder mini dress. The blazer and midi skirt are just right for a formal style!

2 Don’t hesitate to combine motifs in plain outfits! Can wear a top with a skirt or a shirt that is matched with a vest

3 Elegant pink themed styles, sleeveless mini dress is perfect for summer style. If the patterned skirt is combined with a faux fur jacket top, it’s perfect for a winter look!

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