Take a peek at the 2022 Korean fashion trends that will be followed by many

Entering the beginning of the new year, fashion trends will always experience changes every year. The entertainment industry of the South Korean state is a country that influences Indonesia’s economic development because of the large number of people’s interest in getting to know its culture in terms of cuisine, art, language, to fashion. The following is the 2022 Korean fashion trend which is predicted to become a trend in Indonesia.

1 Ready to Wear

Ready-to-wear continues to be popular with the public every year, because this type of clothes can be directly purchased and worn in bulk sizes without having to take body measurements, this makes it seem simple and practical. This year, the ready-to-wear model that will be a dream is a loose model but gives an elegant impression, for example, such as an oversized blazer that is combined with trousers or skirts.

The recommendation for an Indonesian fashion brand that is well-known for its casual and elegant ready-to-wear is This is April. This is April is a women’s fashion brand that targets women aged 20-35 years or productive age. Not only presenting a collection of clothes, This is April also offers a number of collections of bags, accessories, shoes or footwear that complements the ladies’ look from head to toe.
This is April collection also seems loose, chic, stylish, and follows fashion trends for sure. Because it is famous for its simple yet elegant cut, it is suitable if you want to be present on two different occasions without having to change clothes. The colors from the collection also use pastel or earth tones.

2 Bright Colors

Maybe in the previous year the use of natural colors had dominated the market, but this year bright colors like blue, yellow, or even red will be ready to break down and become a favorite collection in your wardrobe. The reason is, based on Pinterest analytical data, searches for bright color clothing inspiration have increased by 16 times and searches for electric colored clothes have increased by 140 percent.

The use of bright colors can actually have a good effect on health because subconsciously, when we see bright colors the nervous system in the brain will respond and cause the hypothalamus gland to release dopamine which is known as the happy hormone. Light colors such as yellow, orange, or pink can increase a positive mood, while cool colors such as blue and green can release the hormone oxytocin so that the mood becomes calmer.

3 Prints and Patterns

From the type of clothing to the use of color, patterned or patterned clothes are also predicted to become a trend in 2022. Checkered patterns or plaid motifs will be a motif that is very popular with Millennials and boomers.

Usually Korean fashion trends come from the clothes or styles worn by drama actors and actresses, for example the long dress with floral patterns and bright colors that was worn by actress Shin Min Ah in her drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Dresses always manage to give a feminine impression to every woman, coupled with bright colors and patterns, not only giving a graceful impression, but a cheerful and warm impression.

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