Shenina Cinnamon’s Cute Style, Fashionable Light Copy Actress

The name Shenina Cinnamon has become increasingly popular in recent years. This artist has graced the small screen through a number of FTV. Not only that, Shenina has also succeeded in starring in several Indonesian films, one of which is The Light’s Artist.

In addition to being good at acting, this 20-year-old girl also has an attractive appearance. Shenina is often seen wearing sneakers and combining them with cool outfits. Curious what Shenina’s style looks like every day? Have a peek!

1 Looking minimal and stylish, Shenina wears plaid pants and a white shirt complete with sneakers and a matching colored mini bag

2 Combining ripped jeans with a leather jacket and ankle boots makes her look edgy

3 When relaxing, he chooses to wear his favorite sweater, short pants and sneakers. You can imitate for a walk this afternoon!

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