3 Inspirations for Omar Daniel’s Outer Outerwear, Cool and Elegant!

It has become a common thing if the outer is one of the clothing items that are often used, especially for men in appearance. Because, if the outer is combined properly and correctly, it will make the appearance that curses it becomes cooler and more elegant, you know!

One of them is the inspiration for the outer outfit of the famous Indonesian actor, Omar Daniel. So, so that your outer appearance is more leverage, try the following Omar Daniel’s outer outfit style, OK! Check this out!

1 Pair a pink coach jacket, plain white t-shirt, and cream pants for the bottoms. Don’t forget to add sneakers, Bro!

2 Look elegant with an abstract print jacket combined with a white t-shirt and denim pants. It’s cool!

3 You can also use the layering technique by combining a trucker jacket and hoodie as the interior and shorts for the subordinates

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