OOTD Ayu Aulia, Her Style Always Steals Attention!

Ayu Aulia is a model, DJ, and singer who is currently a hot topic of conversation. He often uploads fashionable OOTD photos on his personal Instagram account.

Her style is always cool in various styles, from casual to formal. If you are curious about her style, IDN Times will review a little mix and match of Ayu Aulia’s OOTD that you can copy.

1 With her hair loose and high bun, Ayu is charming in a pink blazer dress with necklace and heels studded with beads

These 2 pastel green dresses with puff sleeves accented by organza look cute when worn with matching pointed heels

3 Attending the wedding of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan, Ayu Aulia chose a sabrina brocade kebaya with a brocade accented batik skirt on the hem of the slit

4 His aura immediately changed like royalty with a kemben wrapped in Balinese woven cloth. The impression is luxurious and majestic!

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