3 Original Styles of Gabriella Ekaputri, Hanggini’s Viral Friend

The name Gabriella Ekaputri is being discussed by netizens. This coincided with the news that he was in love with Junior Roberts, Hanggini’s ex-lover. The more excited because Gabriella Ekaputri is known to be a friend of Hanggini.

Before going viral, Gabriella Ekaputri was already famous for sharing things on TikTok. He also has a dress style that steals attention because he often shows his curves.

1 Gabriella Ekaputri is starting to hit thanks to a series of videos on TikTok. He also often shows his best OOTD on personal social media.

2 Gabriella Ekaputri wore a red backless dress while celebrating Halloween.

3 Style a la Pinterest girl became one of his favorites, by mixing and matching cropped tops, oversized jackets, high waist jeans and baseball caps.

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