Inspiration “Outfit of the Day” to celebrate the new year

It doesn’t feel like the New Year is in sight, of course there are many things that have been prepared to welcome this big celebration, including preparing the outfit of the day, the best clothes to celebrate it. For those of you who are still confused about what to wear for the New Year, let’s take a peek at the fashion inspiration from this local brand, which has produced many fashionable and quality products.

Monochrome is never boring
For New Year’s celebrations, it never hurts to go monochrome to show your elegant side. Knot dress, a dress with a monochrome style from Wearstatuquo can be your choice. This satin knot dress with a relaxed midi silhouette, with a slight cut in the front, will make your look stand out even more. You can also combine it with high stiletto heels that will make your legs look longer and a few accessories such as necklaces.

Ruffle Dress
Want a more colorful and unique look? Ruffle dress can also be your choice. This dress is guaranteed to make your style look graceful and elegant. The balloon sleeve detail will create its own accent and touch that will eliminate the boring impression of your outfit. Use ankle strap heels to make your appearance more complete.

One Set Knit
For those of you who don’t want to wear dresses, you can also try One Set Knit which will be comfortable to wear. With polo details and a straight silhouette, the look is no less attractive. Combine with your favorite footwear.

Casual style with t-shirt or long sleeves
Who says adams don’t need OOTD on New Year’s Day? In addition to the choice of tuxedo or blazer for formal events, you can also use a casual and relaxed style at the turn of the year. You can use a t-shirt or long sleeves and combine it with a knit vest or a fluffy jacket. In addition, you can also use a black shirt with matching color shorts and sneakers to make it look more charming.

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