Variety of Kebaya Nadya Indry, Lutfi Agizal’s Wife Who Steals Attention!

Nadya Indry is the wife of Lutfi Agizal. This woman who was born in 1997 is also a finalist for Puteri Wisata Indonesia Banten 2019. No wonder her uploads on social media always look stylish.

He just married Lutfi last October and continues the process of downloading Mantu this December. Various models of kebaya make it more elegant and charming. Come on, take a peek at Nadya Indry’s kebaya style below.

1 The maroon color with sparkly sequin details is Nadya’s choice when downloading Mantu

December 18 was chosen by Lutfi and Nadya as the day of Nuntuh Mantu, located in Semarang, Central Java. Both chose traditional Javanese clothing, namely beskap and modern kebaya. Equipped with accessories in the form of jasmine ruffles and a bun for Nadya.

With a maroon color, these two lovebirds display a luxurious feel. Supported by silver sequin detail that meets the beskap and long kubaya kebaya. The bottom is a light brown batik sarimbit.

2 Different from the custom worn by most people, Nadya & Lutfi chose Banjar traditional clothing for the marriage contract

So far, we have seen that many brides choose Javanese, Sundanese, and Minang customs. The couple, who just tied the knot on October 9, 2021, chose Banjar culture. It can be seen from Nadya’s very bright fashion style with a crown in the shape of two dragons, decorated with bouncy flowers and jasmine buds on both sides.

This dress from Banjar is called Baamar Galung Pancar Matahari. His trademark is yellow with a dragon-patterned velvet bottom. The difference is, Nadya’s kebaya is a semi-modern brocade kebaya with an asymmetrical cut.

3 The most fun floral-patterned kubaya kebaya as an OOTD for bridesmaid uniforms

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