Prediction of 2022 Fashion Trends, Bright Colors Dominate

The turn of the year is marked by various things that are expected to dominate in the future. No exception with the prediction of the 2022 fashion trend, which will be dominated by bright colors and various motifs.

“In the last two years, people like lilac and pastel, I see that next year it will be predicted that colors will not be pastel, but bold,” said Allyssa Hawadi as Co-Founder of Yarn Jarum in a virtual press conference “Wonderful Harmony”, several last time.

Allyssa said she saw the prediction because for two years after the Covid-19 pandemic, many people stayed at home and didn’t do much outside their home. Therefore, he hopes that in 2022 things will improve and people will express themselves a lot with something more prominent.

“He said, the trend going forward is everything bold, everything out of your comfort zone. There will be many motifs, blue, electric blue, purple, neon colors,” added Allysa.

This prominent nuance will also be expected to be chosen by many people and fashion lovers. “Everything is bold when I see it, and then Yarn Needles will go in that direction too,” he continued.

Fashion trends with striking colors are also predicted in a report titled Pinterest Predicts 2022 received by Pinterest predicts from fashion, beauty, to travel trends in 2022.

Pinterest believes that flashy clothes will be the trend in 2022. Clothes that make you feel better in bright colors will appeal to people of all ages and genders.

In 2021, many people are looking for rainbow-inspired fashion with colorful clothes, from rainbow clothes to electric blue suits. Fuchsia dress suits will also be a lot of choice, even ombre dresses are up 95 percent on Pinterest.

In addition to striking colors, another Pinterest prediction 2022 fashion trend is a chessboard-style checkered pattern that will be back in popularity. Men who want to be more stylish will also like this motif, including wearing a chessboard motif suit. This chessboard-style motif trend is dominated by millennials and boomers.

There are also all-gothic fashion trends, ranging from gothic casual clothing, gothic style baby clothes, to gothic-style kitchen decorations that are predicted to become trends. Interestingly, his Gothic pajama searches were up 165 percent on Pinterest.

“The trend in 2022 I see we will go back to 1970 to 1995. There will be brown lipstick, intense blush, and pale eyeshadow,” said Nanath in a virtual press conference “The Future of Make-Up: Finding The Keys to Create The Next IT Look by Artisan Pro and Nanath Nadia,” some time ago.

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