The Inspiration of the Most Luxurious Wedding Dresses and Kebayas 2021, Queen of the Day

Despite the pandemic, 2021 is still filled with the happiness of celebrities who finally let go of being single. Apart from being eagerly awaited by netizens, their appearance is also one of the most attention-grabbing points.

Dresses and kebaya are the most commonly used wedding outfit choices. Some even combine these two outfits for ceremonies and receptions.

Well, IDN Times has compiled a collection of dresses and kebayas from the most luxurious celebrities. Some of them are full of crystals and sequins that make a perfect princess look.

1 Combining classic and modern style. This dress has a drapery effect with a minimalist silhouette & volume bottom with ‘Leslar’ embossed

2 Themed Opulance Beauty, this ball gown is made of thousands of crystals. There is a soft fur accent on the shoulders to add a cute impression

3 The second dress for the reception is blue like Cinderella. What makes it luxurious are the additional LED lights and a sprinkling of sequins

4 With a songket cloth as a bottom, this white kebaya completes the luxury of style with sequin details forming a matching belt and veil

5 Crowned with a Sundanese siger, Margin looked charming in a nude-gold sequin kebaya. The sequins and pearl details catch the eye!

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