Inspiration for Makeup and Kebaya Fiance Sheila Dara, Anggun Nian!

There is good news coming from the celebrity couple Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara. They just held an engagement party on Wednesday (1/12/2021).

On that special day, Sheila Dara wore her best outfit and makeup. Want to know what the inspiration for the kebaya outfit and the make-up of Sheila Dara’s fiancé looks like? Check out the discussion below.

1 Soft glam makeup looks make Sheila even more charming!

Makeup is one of the keys to a charming appearance on your fiancee’s day. On her engagement day, Sheila wore soft glam makeup looks.

The complexion looks flawless with the smooth contours of the nose and jawline. She also brushed on a fresh orange blush that matched the kebaya she was wearing.

The brown lipstick looks warm, combined with the bling-bling shimmer eyeshadow. Dara’s makeup concept exudes a modern yet classic charm. Could be your reference later, here!

2 Simple braided updos make it even more elegant

In addition to makeup, hairdo is also important! If you want to give a relaxed but still neat impression, you can imitate Sheila’s style here.

Braid your black hair, then roll it up and pin it neatly. Braided updo can be your reference on special days like fiancé or graduation.

To add a sweet impression, don’t forget to attach white flower clips. And, spray hair spray to style the middle part of the bangs to keep it sleek all day long.

3 The orange kubaru kebaya top is the choice

Side by side with her fiancé, Sheila looked elegant in an orange kubaru kebaya. The long-sleeved kebaya has romantic sequins and tendrils detailing.

Sheila also includes minimalistic accessories. Starting from waterfall necklaces to stud earrings with a choice of silver colors.

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