Reference to the Outer Sadauter Shinee, Stylish and Trendy

Outer is one of the fashion items that are often chosen when the rainy season arrives. Starting from jackets to blazers, there are various types of outer that can be used depending on the event.

If you are looking for a recommendation for the idea of Madan Outer, you can sore the following Minho Shinee outfit style. Fashionable and not complicated, ten Outd Minho i

s suitable to be used as an inspiration for your fashion style, bro!

1 When the weather is super cold, try wearing a puff jacket with a monochrome shirt, black pants, and white sneakers

2 For Smart Casual Style, you can combine T-shirts with Blazer and Chino Pants in the same color

3 white shirt suitable combined with outer in the form of a bright color knit vest, khaki pants, and sneakers or loafers

4 alloy white shirts with ties, vests, suit, and black pantofel shoes are suitable for formal events

5 All Black Outfit makes your style more stunning. Just wear a long blazer, turtleneck, pants, and black pantofel shoes

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