Dahyun Twice’s All-Denim Outfit Inspiration, Effortless

Never consumed by the times, denim outfits have become one of the most popular outfits for various groups. Besides being easy to mix and match with other clothing items, denim outfits can also make the wearer look youthful and catchy.

Appearances from celebrities are also often the inspiration for denim outfits, you know. To make your outfit even more catchy and cool with an outfit made of denim, here are a series of inspirations for an all-denim outfit like Dahyun Twice.

  1. Combining a denim shirt with short pants and white wedges will make you look chic and catchy!
  2. You can also combine a white shirt with a denim jumper dress and sneakers. Very chic and catchy!
  3. The combination of white t-shirts, denim jump suits, outer jackets, and sneakers is also cool and trendy, here, for you to try!
  4. You can also combine a patterned white blouse with cuff jeans and sneakers. Simple but cute!
  5. Use a yellow patterned shirt. Pair it with short jeans and peep toe shoes. It’s easy to hangout at the mall
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