This Japanese couple often wears matching clothes, take a peek at their fashionable style

Wearing matching clothes is often done by many couples to give a compact impression. Some couples may only wear matching clothes at certain moments in their lives. However, this is different from what the Japanese couple, Tsuyoshi and Tomi Seki, did.

The couple who are familiarly called Bon (Tsuyoshi) and Pon (Tomi Seki) have caused a stir in the internet world because they often upload their photos in matching clothes. Bon and Pon, who have been married for 41 years, initially appeared in a post on their daughter’s Instagram account. The photo went viral because of their matching outfits.

Since then, they have been very active in uploading content on their personal Instagram account @bonpon511. Currently, their followers have reached around 844 thousand and will likely continue to grow.

Citing The Guardian, they both decided to wear clothes with designs and colors that matched their mood. Now, they are collaborating with local designers to create a clothing brand that anyone can own.

After knowing the story of Bon and Pon, you will definitely start to be curious about their fashion style. Instead of being curious, let’s take a peek at various portraits of the Bon and Pon couple’s fashion styles.

1 compact Bon Pon couple wearing plaid shirts

The Bon and Pon couple looked compact in black and dark green plaid clothes. Pon wore a plaid dress and brought a tote bag with a matching pattern. Meanwhile, Bon wears a shirt with the same pattern and color. She combined her look with khakis.

This outfit is the result of a collaboration between the couple Bon and Pon with the Japanese fashion magazine, Halmek. The design is inspired by autumn fashion in Japan.

2 Both of them wear the same outfit to welcome spring

In a post, Bon and Pon are seen posing among hydrangeas. The shirts and dresses they wear are the result of a collaboration with a well-known brand in Japan, Sunny Cloud.

3 They both wear black and yellow plaid shirts

Bon and Pon have also been seen uploading photos while they were visiting Yonezawa Higher Technical School and the Uesugi Museum in Yonezawa City, Japan. Both wore black cardigans that matched perfectly.

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