Inspiration for OOTD invitations in the style of Riricilll, Ria Ricis’s Fashionable Friend

Riri Savitri or better known as Riricilll is the manager and friend of Ria Yunita, or Ria Ricis. The two of them have a closeness like brother and sister who are always compact.

Has a stylish style, let’s see, Riri’s famous OOTD that you can imitate! Who knows you need a reference for a weekend invitation.

1 Like a princess from a fairy tale, Riri wore a long dress with a wide and shiny skirt. Tulle accents on the shoulders sweeten the look

2 Understated yet charming, Riri wears a modern kebaya with an asymmetrical model. Beige color combined with brown batik cloth

3 Elegant and stunning, Riri chose a silver brocade dress, with dangling tulle accents. The white handbag is the complement

4 Looking bright, Riri combined a peach-colored kebaya with a matching hijab and brown batik cloth. Handbag full of ruffles to sweeten the look

5 Looking more simple, Riri combined a top and batik pants combination with a brown hijab. Nude colored heels and handbag are the complement

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