Taylor Swift’s Dress in I Bet You Video Made Over 1,200 Hours, Natural Flower Details

Taylor Swift released the music video for “I Bet You Think About Me” on Monday, November 15, 2021. In the Blake Lively-directed video, Swift depicts the marriage she broke up.
She looked fashionable in several ball gowns, two of the most memorable being the white wedding gown and the red replica that she wore with her fictional ex-boyfriend, played by Miles Teller. The dress was made at Nicole + Felicia Couture’s studio and took about 1200 hours to complete.

“This project reflects the duality of Taylor’s music, a timeless sensibility with a modern twist,” designers Nicole and Felicia Chang told Page Six Styles to create two styles that fit the song. The song was previously unreleased, taken from his new album, Red (Taylor’s Version).

The Nicole + Felicia Couture team worked tirelessly to create two strapless styles, each featuring a long tail with 2,500 handmade floral applications in different colored tulle, organza and mesh.

“To mimic the natural irregularity of flowers in nature, we created the petals in seven different sizes and fabrications,” explains the Taiwan-based design duo. The flowers are made by different tailors to get a sense of their authenticity and naturalness.

After the design was finalized, Swift’s stylist, Joseph Cassell Falconer, was deeply moved by the couture creation. She told the designers that the beauty of the dress in real life almost brought her and the director to tears.

Swift also praised the dress, saying it was an artistic interpretation of the wedding gown, a classic yet imaginative design.

Swift wore the dress with red sneakers. The design of the dress was changed to a red version, which the studio created together to ensure it was an exact replica.

“The red dress embodies the bold spirit that Taylor has always had,” they added.

“The essence of this design is about the beauty of transformation and rebirth, the metamorphosis of young flower buds into blooming flowers – which parallels the musical journey of Taylor Swift’s new album,” said the designer.

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