Top Inspiration for a White Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirt or pleated skirt is one of the must-have ‘helper’ fashion items.

Because its function can make it easier for us to mix and match clothes instantly. By wearing a pleated skirt, we can still look fashionable even with a simple style.

Yes, just like you choose to only wear a sweater as your ripped jeans top, so the look remains fashionable even though you are actually lazy to mix and match.

But what if you only have a white pleated skirt? Don’t worry, you can mix and match a white pleated skirt with the right top.

1 You can appear white on white. To make it unusual, you can wear a bodysuit t-shirt combined with a white blazer or long coat. Guaranteed you look professional and fashionable.

2 No mix n match ideas? Don’t give up, you can wear your favorite crop top to complete the look with a white pleated skirt.

3 For those of you who want to look boyish, you can wear a white pleated skirt with a biker jacket to make a statement. Don’t just wear a t-shirt if you want to still look fashionable.

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