Inspiration for Mixing and Matching Fabrics and Bottoms for Modern Kebayas

Kebaya is always an option for brides or even when they have to attend an official event. In the past, the kebaya design looked simple and was combined with Javanese batik cloth. But now the clothes that used to be only worn by priyayi women or the nobility are starting to vary in design.

Even the mix-and-match does not always have to use batik cloth or other traditional fabrics.

To make your appearance look more fashionable and unique, here is a mix-and-match of stylish fabrics and bottoms for a modern kebaya.

1 By using a modern kebaya, you can copy the style of Yura Yunita who chose to wear palazzo pants. You can even use culottes.

2 If you want to look simple, modern kebaya can be mixed and matched with fabrics with a combination of lace. To make it look unusual, you can use a cross-wrapped cloth.

3 Have a modern outer or kebaya encim? Mix and match bolder with harem pants. Guaranteed your appearance will look more unique with a bohemian style.

4 Vacations can also be used with kebaya encim. Use kebaya as an outer. In order to feel the holiday atmosphere even more, wear short pants.

5 Don’t want to mix and match kebaya with cloth? You can try wearing a skirt with a cutting godet that gives a flowy impression at the bottom. Choose a material that doesn’t wrinkle easily and is comfortable.

6 Want to look chic and free to move? You can mix and match a modern kebaya with a tulle skirt that gives a feminine and sophisticated impression.

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