5 Styles of Nikita Mirzani’s invitation, Wearing a Nyai-style Cetar Kebaya!

Nikita Mirzani is one of the celebrities with a fashion style that often grabs attention. The style is always fashionable and fashionable for everyday and formal events.

If you need an invitation reference with a kebaya, batik, or dress, try checking out this Nikita style reference. Come on, take a peek at Nikita Mirzani’s style of invitation below.

1 Elegantly wearing a classic style kubaru kubaru brocade

Her appearance looks so calm wrapped in a pastel kebaya. Her hairdo is also made simple so that the glamorous details of the kebaya are more visible.

This 35-year-old woman chose a pastel green brocade kebaya tubaru with a matching scarf. He also wears a dark green angkin with a brown batik finger so that the impression is more classic.

2 Working moms or millennials wearing outer batik are also charming, you know!

If you don’t like to look complicated but still want a traditional touch, try emulating this style. Nikita looks simple with a batik-themed outfit.

He wore a turtleneck top and black bodycon pants. To give another color, Nikita chose an outer batik and a brown tote bag. In addition to being suitable for work, a solid and match model like this can also be used for invitations, you know.

3 The red kubaya kebaya emits a different aura

You will be a plenary guest with a bold look like royalty. With a big Javanese bun hair, Nikita looked stunning in a red brocade kubaya kebaya.

He also wears a batik scarf with brooches embroidered. Not only that, the classic feel is increasingly felt from agitated jumputans, batik jarit, and gold earring accessories.

4 Like simple style? Try wearing a matching organza dress and heels

More simple and feminine, girly style lovers will definitely match this outfit. The impression you give is more graceful, soft, and sweet.

With wavy hair down, Nikita wore a soft pink organza dress. The nuance is so calm, especially when combined with pointed heels decorated with ribbons.

5 Sets of blazers and flare pants are okay too for a classy invite

In addition to kebaya and dress, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a more casual or chic invitation. For example, this Nikita-style blazer and flare pants.

Although all black, but Nikita managed to impress the glamorous feel of the choice of gold heels. Accessories such as long necklaces also make it look more classy.

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