4 OOTD Pink Clothes with Selebgram-style Hijab

Outfit of the Day or OOTD pink clothes with hijab bandages are one style that is in great demand by a hijab woman. The use of pink clothes with hijab bandages is also not only useful for covering the genitals in women, but also one of the fashion items that make your appearance more fashionable.

If you are bored using a dark hijab style, it doesn’t hurt to try clothes that have bright colors like pink or pink. Because, when you wear pink clothes with hijab s can emit your feminine aura and give a girly and stylish look.

The following is the Sahijab will provide a reference for the appearance of the pink clothing outfit with a hijab of a collection of styles from several celebrities:

1 pink blouse with nude hijab

Larissa Chou appeared with OOTD BEWARNA OUTER Pink clothes and then combined with orange nuane hijab with a pink pastel blouse. Plus Midi Skirt Cream without motives. You can contact the appearance of Larissa so that your appearance is more girly.

2 Combination of Outer Pompom and Inner Pink

By choosing a pink shirt with a hijab is indeed suitable if it is combined with a white outfit and it makes your appearance impressed fresh. Like the appearance of the image of Kirana which was shared on her medium’s social account. The image was seen wearing a pink baby pashmina hijab and it combined with the image of Pompom which was in line with the hijab he was wearing, and the subordinate of white culottes.

The appearance is increasingly complete with additional accessories in the form of glasses and smelling milk sling bags.

3 baby doll pink clothes

The following style is perfect for you to wear as a formal clothing for office or other important moments. Formal clothes that are usually dark nuances, are now visible with the pink baby doll models combined with this straight brown chocolate pants. So that the look is neater, high heels are ready to be relied on as their legs.

4 combination of pink clothes with hijab motif

Pink clothes with hijab appearance above you can try. You can also be combined with sweet floral motif hijab like this. Let the more stylish, add Army green accents to your chino pants.

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